HostGator vs. Bluehost–Which One comes out on Top?

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Hostgator and Bluehost are the massive names of web hosting arsenal. The two account for more than 4% domains of entire market, as per Datanyze claims. Despite the popularity both have in common, you can only choose one web hosting provider to launch your site.

Well, let’s dive into some facts and look at what major aspects they will both differ.


Before you start looking at differences in dollars, make sure to recognize the overall web host’s value based on price. What you’re actually getting for a given cost? Hostgator’s hatchling plan comes at just $3.95 per month, whereas Bluehost basic plan comes at $2.95. Shared plans of both web hosting solutions comes at same pricing, with a slight difference in features – Hostgator with free site builder and Bluehost for a free site backup. Considering many free website builder options available in market, we believe that it’s good to have a free site backup. Therefore, Bluehost merely edges out its competitor for this area.

Speed and Uptime

Hostgator has outstanding performance in both speed and uptime. Even Hostgator guarantees their sites an uptime of 99%. And this is where Bluehost utterly falls short as Bluehost offers no uptime guarantee to its users. Judging on speed, it’s a tie between them.


For a reliable web hosting company, having a great support team is vital. Means, there should be someone skilful sitting behind to help you sort out your website’s issues, right? Both Hostgator and Bluehost are good in providing excellent customer support. Both of them are helpful and offer various ways to contact them. So, again it’s a tie.

User Interface

Both of these web hosting providers offer user-friendly cPanel, yet their take on cPanel differs. With Bluehost interface, you can find things swiftly and can manage your site easier. On the other hand, Hostgator’s cPanel involves many options and features without losing ease of use.


Due to increased vulnerability of websites, security is an important concern. How the given web hosting provider can assure you with security matters a lot. While there are many security features of Hostgator you can take benefit from. Domain privacy, SiteLock, SSL certificate and encrypted backups with CodeGuard are few to name. On the contrary, Bluehost has more practical array of security features such as spam detection and removal, keeping your site safe and protects your Domain Whois information. Overall, the top-notch security features by Bluehost assures your file’s safety and helps keep them away from viruses and hacker’s reach.