Domain Name Systems and Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services

IP address is an exclusive string of numbers that helps in identification of a computer in order for it to communicate over a network. All devices sharing a similar part of IP addresses makes up a common domain.

Domain names helps in identification of one or more IP addresses in a more retained form. But because internet deals with IP addresses and not domain names, we use Domain Name System (DNS) server that consists of a huge database that translates domain names into IP addresses.

Why are domain names required?

Come to think of it, which one is easier for you to bear in mind, or I am sure you chose the latter that’s because remembering URL is easier as compared to remembering a set of numbers. Thus domain names make website access painless.

How does DNS work?

DNS work is quite easy to understand, when we type in the URL of a particular website; the DNS server uses its resources to convert the URL into IP address for effective networking.

Domain name generation and registration:

We are clear on the idea about why we need domain names, but once we have thought of it how do we register it?

Well it has three simple steps:

1) Think of an exquisite name that is helpful for your business success. Or use a domain extension which makes it easier to look up for domain names according to ones needs.

2) Pick the TLD (top level domain) such as .com, .org, .net etc.

3) Select a registration company.

Web hosting types and companies:

Web hosting is an internet hosting service that makes your website accessible on the World Wide Web. They could either be free or paid. There are plenty of companies providing free web hosting services like Wix, WordPress, Jimdo, Byethost etc.

USA based web hosting companies like SiteGround, GreenGreeks, A2 Hosting provides great services and speed at affordable rates.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is a new hosting platform that provides powerful and reliable web hosting services. It is more reliable because cloud compensates if in case any hardware goes down. Canadian cloud web hosting providers such as provides the best value for money with full encryption and storing files in the cloud like external hard drive. Others like Bell Business Solutions, cacloud, Canadian Web Hosting also exist for the same purposes.

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