Domain Name, Registration and Pricing

Domain Name

Domain name is an identification string that makes up a URL of a website. Instead of IP addresses it is convenient to access a webpage using a domain name. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. They are also used in networking contexts and for the application-specific addressing and naming purposes.

Domain names are organized in sub domains of the DNS root domain. The first level set of domains names are top-level domain (TLDs) such as the generic top-level domains (gTLDs) example com, info, net, edu and org.

Registering Domain name in three simple steps:

  1. Come up with a new name: it is important to be creative when it comes to domain name. Think out of the box and also something that would best describe your business needs. Also avoids names that are similar to competing brands. Or if you already have a name in mind that exists then buy it while making sure that it meets your requirements.
  2. Choose the right top-level domain (TLD): Several reputable extensions such as .com, .net etc are the top-level domains, it is equally important. So decide the type of top-level domains you will need.
  3. Select a Registrar: Choose a registrar to host your domain name. You will first need to confirm whether the domain name you want is available and if not, the registrar will assist you in finding the right one. Once the domain name is registered it needs protection so pay utmost attention to the security provided by your registrar.

Domain pricing:

Pricing is an important factor to keep in mind while deciding to choose your domain’s registrars. Some of the most common registrars are as follows:

  • NameCheap: They provide free WHOIS protection for the first year and one free integrated email account.

Pricing: .com – $10.69/year and .org – $12.48/year

  • GoDaddy: They provide WHOIS privacy protection for $7.99/year and professional email for $2.99 per user

Pricing: .com – $11.99 and .org- $7.99/19.99

  • Enom: They provide ID protect (WHOIS)

Pricing: .com – $13.95 and .org – $14.75

  • com: They ensure free WHOIS privacy and 1 free email account

Pricing: .com – $0.99/14.99 and .org – $0.99/$19.99

  • com: They provide privacy protection for $8.99/years and G Suit Email for $4.17/month

Pricing: .com – $9.99 and .org. – $14.99